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THE AIM AND PURPOSE of the Bayerischer Volksfest Verein, from its founding in 1878, has always been to encourage its
members to support and help maintain the traditions and language of our native Germany. By meeting socially and
fraternally the sincere focus is to continually perpetuate the customs and practices that have been passed down to us from
generation to generation.

We welcome applications from men and women who share the aim and purpose stated above. Members are strongly
encouraged to participate and support the BVV events as much as possible.
Please print
Applicant: (Last) _____________________________(First)_____________________________(MI)____Birth Date____________
Address ______________________________________ City _________________________State _______Zip Code_____________
Phone: Home__________________________Cell_____________________Email________________________________________
Place of Birth: City_____________________________________State____________________________Country___________________________
Trade or Occupation:_________________________________________________________Retired:_________________________________
US Citizen? Yes No If No, what country? _______________________________________________________
Family Information: Married _________Name of Spouse _____________________________Widowed _________Single ________
Do you belong to other German or Cultural club(s) Yes No Name of Club(s):___________________________________________
Desired BVV Membership Classification: Active _____________Passive __________
Annual Dues are: For Active Membership: $ 40 For Passive Membership: $ 20
Upon receipt of your application: You will be notified by mail of the receipt of your application along with further
information about the next step in the application process. A meeting with one or more member(s) of the BVV club’s
executive committee, either individually or collectively, may be suggested before finalizing the membership acceptance
I hereby make application for membership in the Bayerischer Volksfest Verein. If accepted for membership, I
understand and agree to abide by its constitution and any rules and regulations that are applicable. I certify that I
am age twenty-one (21) years or older.
Signature of Applicant: ____________________________________________Date: ___________________________________

Please return this completed form to: Bayerischer Volksfest Verein (Address is show at the top)
Application Received by: __________________________________________________________________________________
Approved by: ____________________________________________________________________________________________
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